Jewellery by Pandora is always worth a discovery!

Every woman loves jewellery, especially when it is as individual as Pandora's preferences. Behind the Danish brand Pandora is a unique piece of jewellery that every woman can put together according to her own taste, the occasion and the wardrobe she chooses. Whether necklace, ring, brooch, earrings or bracelet, whether gold, silver, diamonds, pearls or Murano glass, whether unique pieces or sets, Pandora´s collections systems get a very special meaning.

Design your own jewellery!

Starting from a basic wearer, a bracelet or a necklace, the individual piece of jewellery is designed. A special pendant, which embodies both - the spirit of times and trends and also turns the basic wearer into a piece that reflects the personality of the wearer. Each pendant, also called charm, is handmade with great attention to detail and also meets strict quality requirements. The special charm of the charms is shown in the combination of tradition, modernity and trend. The charms stand for the concepts past, present and future.

From everyday Lifestyle to special ways of expression!

It is the variety of pendants and the uniqueness of each set, necklace and bracelet that make Pandora jewellery so popular. Since 1999, the creative team around founder Per Enevoldsen has been adding its own theme to the existing Pandora range each season, which can be integrated harmoniously into the existing collection. This means that jewellery lovers can choose from a wide range of Pandora jewellery pieces and express their feelings or set accents with a very individual bracelet. The jewellery pieces designed in this way can then be perfectly combined with the chosen outfit. The leather wristband with business parts such as a telephone, a key or an airplane can be worn for business, young mothers can take advantage of the accessories with prams and dummies, shopping fans laugh at crowns, handbags and pumps, wanderlust is soothed by cameras, palms and postcards and lovers can choose from a variety of hearts. In the evening it may sparkle with the diversity of all the stones in lots of colors.

Design possibilities with pure sensation!

Pandora stands like no other jewellery manufacturer for feeling, because through the many elements and almost unlimited design possibilities, every feeling, every situation and every colour can be lived out. Special themes such as Disney, Christmas or Fantasy keep the collection lively and young. At the same time, the jewellery is also very stable in value, because the Danish jewellery manufacturer uses only 925 sterling silver and 585 gold alloy, i.e. 14 carat gold. Shiny, glittering and with a winking eye, the jewellery then radiates its magic and charm. In more than 70 countries around the world, Danish jewellery pendants are already loved by women of all ages and give unforgettable moments by wearing them on a particular occasion.

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