Swarovski, famous for the quality and innovation strength of his precisely polished crystals still preserves the maxims of its founder Daniel Swarovski I. The visionary and humanist founded the family business in 1895 in Wattens, Austria. He was convinced that the future is always based on the past and his goal was to constantly improve the good.


When you hear about "crystal", the first association "SWAROVSKI" - inseparably united with each other for more than a hundred years.The company was founded at the end of the 18th century by the visionary Daniel Swarovski with the aim of bringing the grinding of crystal to the ultimate in perfection and precision.Today, the long-established company, is renowned around the globe, furthermore it is present in all lifestyle areas. From this conservative family business, this vision, dedication, courage and know-how a global crystal empire of the superlative has emerged. SWAROVSKI has created a crystalline range of unique treasures from the material glass. The sparkling and glamorous assortment has now reached cult status and is inventing and finding itself always in new dimensions and design worlds. SWAROVSKI presents itself innovatively with the vocation to the proven tradition – all crystal creations are trademarked SWAROVSKI-Style and delight the international audience with their glow. The collection for women is stylish, classic, trendy, playful or a "haute couture" jewelery - the range for men is classically straight, with understatement and crystalline accents. The watch collection is authentic and give a crystalline extravagant design statement to women and the men's fashion world. In love with the smallest sparkling detail and in innumerable facets and motifs, the glass figurine line "Crystal Living" lights up. SWAROVSKI accessories - glamorous, versatile and absolutely design-consistent with the range of the crystal universe SWAROVSKI. The wealth of invention and ideas of the noble brand is obviously almost limitless.

SWAROVSKI Jewelery sparkles with extravagance, exclusivity and uniqueness in the avant-garde look with the claim to be a beloved classic for many years. The famous crystals inspire with clear and colorful lighting effects in design-strong creations – harmoniously combined with selected materials. For the ladies necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings, charms, jewelry sets and watches - a range of jewelery suitable for any occasion, to any individual look and style. The SWAROVSKI jewelery range for men is still young, but from the beginning a stylish men's heart conquest. Chains, pendants, bracelets, rings and cufflinks sparkle with subtle restraint on masculine-strong design pieces. Perfectionism with precision and a shining time signal in crystal: SWAROVSKI watches for ladies and men.


The first jewelry collection by SWAROVSKI for women celebrates its international debut in 1977 - The collection pieces are an extravagant result of innovative visionary design ideas and traditional expertise and craftsmanship. World-renowned designers created a cosmopolitan jewelry premiere that convinced the international jewelery world with its uniqueness. Also the current SWAROVSKI collections - Jewelery, Watches, Crystal Living and Accessories - is based on the proven in an imaginative combination with current and future trend lines. Each piece of jewelry is part of a fantastic jewelry story told by the creative team around the collection pieces. With each new season, an impressive, consistently sparkling range of jewelery with cosmopolitan flair and extravagance developed. The appearance of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings, charms, jewelry sets and the watch collection is authentic SWAROVSKI. The sparkling creations present themselves with each new season - from elegant classic and glamor over stylish straight to romantic and playful. "SWAROVSKI Classic, Crystal, Fashion, the Charms Collection, Disney, Hello Kitty, ..." are very colorful and charismatic - designed for all women, for every age, outfit and occasion - made for generations. The sparkling treasures are presented solo as a subtle eye-catcher, in a set as a crystalline jewelry statement.


Men and sparkling SWAROVSKI crystal - a brave and extravagant combination and a worldwide success with the premiere of the first men's collection. The young collection line inspires its masculine audience around the world with its clean lines, the styles are straight - accompanied by a certain coolness and a touch of classic. The obvious eccentric elegance deliberately understated - the materials of high quality, the unique quality, the production unconditionally perfect. Old love, new love - favorite pieces for many years and generations - every season, SWAROVSKI conquers men's hearts with an excellent new trend collection. The designer pieces - necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and cuff links, true to style the SWAROVSKI timewear collection as chronographs or analog timepieces and the accessories: key rings, noble pens, ... SWAROVSKI Men's-Jewelery shows striking consistency and uniqueness and convinces in polished and matt stainless steel, accented with enamel and precious stones, with the finest leather - refined with a multi-faceted SWAROVSKI crystal selection. The current range harmonises perfectly with the new men's lines or inspires in a trendy redesign. So SWAROVSKI today is a men's (jewelery) world - sparkling and authentic.

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  1. Neu Minera - 5474386
  2. Neu Fahnenbarsch - 5494699
  3. Neu Lonney Tunes Tweety - 5487641
  4. Neu Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny - 5488791
  5. Neu Tarot Eye - 5494430
  6. Neu Lonney Tunes Tweety - 5494437
  7. Neu Swan - 5507383
  8. Neu Crystalline - 5499289
  9. Neu Lisabel - 5498808
  10. Neu Nice - 5495417
  11. Neu Nice - 5497866
  12. Neu Lisabel Coin - 5498808
  13. Neu Lisabel - 5498807
  14. Neu Lisabel Pepper - 5498810
  15. Neu Lisabel - 5498791
  16. Neu Pleasant - 5497885
  17. Neu Bella V - 5498875
  18. Neu Bella V - 5498876
  19. Neu Naughty - 5497874
  20. Neu Magic Snow - 5498960
  21. Neu Naughty - 5497873
  22. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5497706
  23. Neu Magic Angel - 5498966
  24. Neu Symbolic - 5497668
  25. Neu Magic Angel - 5498971
  26. Neu Symbolic - 5497667
  27. Neu Magic Angel - 5498974
  28. Neu Symbolic - 5497664
  29. Neu Further - 5498997
  30. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5497659
  31. Neu Further - 5498999
  32. Neu Further - 5499000
  33. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5497638
  34. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5499624
  35. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5497634
  36. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5499626
  37. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5499631
  38. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5499633
  39. Neu Sparkling Dance - 5497478
  40. Neu Sparkling Dance - 5497476
  41. Neu Precisely - 5499885
  42. Neu Sparkling Dance - 5497474
  43. Neu Precisely - 5499887
  44. Neu North - 5497232
  45. Neu Perfection - 5496837
  46. Neu Precisely - 5499888
  47. Neu Precisely - 5496492
  48. Neu Precisely Chandelier - 5499889
  49. Neu Precisely - 5496488
  50. Neu North - 5495776
  51. Neu Polar Bestiary - 5500223
  52. Neu Nice - 5496052
  53. Neu Symbolic - 5500642
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