Thomas Sabo

THOMAS SABO – The man with the unmistakable feeling for trends

Thomas Sabo offers unique and high quality jewellery and watches for men and women. Perfect designs with the attention to details. The sterling silver collection combines the women´s jewellery line Glam & Soul as well as the line Rebel at heart for men and the unisex line Karma Beads. Produced with creativity and innovation to become a beloved star in the world of jewellery and watches. Every new season Thomas Sabo creates new bestseller collections.


Diamonds are timeless pieces of jewellery and fascinate every woman. Thomas Sabo Diamond Jewellery opens new doors in terms of designs and cuts! The sparkling diamonds are incorporated with great attention to detail as a real eye-catcher in every single piece of jewellery. Equal Thomas Sabo ladies rings, Thomas Sabo diamonds earrings or diamond necklaces, there is something suitable for every type of womand and will underline your natural beauty. 


With a lot of glamour and even more soul Thomas Sabo sets new trends. Not as rocking as before but gentle, passionate and strong. The jewellery of the Glam & Soul line captivates in 925 sterling silver, 750 rose gold or 750 gilding. With pendants, beads, bracelets, rings and many other creations, Thomas Sabo makes the hearts of trend-conscious people beat faster. The wonderfull feminine line impresses with a lot of zirconia and clear cuts. Especially women with a sense for the beauty should be impressed. Due to the used materials such as colourful enamel and bright zirconia, there are no wishes left. With these breathtaking designs paired with the highest quality materials of the Glam & Soul line you will be definitely a fashionista.


In January 2014, the Sterling Silver collection was extended and completed with the jewellery collection "Karma Beads". The jewellery of 925 sterling silver are handmade and partly decorated with semi-precious. The unique pieces seduced with an incredible art and show the multitude of used materials (obsidian, aventurine, jade, agate). The beautiful beads are gilded, enamelled, matted or shiny.The pretty beads should symbolize positive energy, joy of life and happiness and also have a personal meaning. Whether a little teddy, the bright sun or the tree of life, every single bread has a different meaning and effect of the person. Thus, Thomas Sabo offers everyone the freedom to create your own personal bracelet of beads.


Since 2007, the jewellery line with the fitting name "Rebel at heart" convinces not only men but also women. The masculine desgins of blackened 925 sterling silver in unique variations, are valued and loved around the world. The leather which is used in the creations, captivated in different colours such as classic black, elegant brown or fresh dark blue. Also the typical classic zirconia pavé of Thomas Sabo paired with fine sterling silver convinced the toughest man. Each new collection has another theme and combined the modern as well as the elegant thing. Men and women will love the cuts! Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a person with an expressive personality? Then let yourself be inspired in the world of the Thomas Sabo jewellery line Rebel at heart.


A bridge that connects: With an individual engraving on a piece of the love bridge collection you eternize your individual luck and love. At least thanks to Thomas Sabo you have the opportunity to present somebody with your proof of love in the form of a heartbreaking romantic bracelet with a personal engraving. Thomas Sabo was inspired by the love bridges which are the scene for lovers all over the world. A lock with a romantic engraving is hung by two lovers on the bridge and set a sign of love. This idea was taken for the bracelet but the design is a bit different. The Love Bridge bracelets are engraved on the "bridge" of the bracelet with a very personal engraving, so the two lovers can always carry their proof of love with them as a sign of solidarity. The Thomas Sabo bracelet allows to be connected with your loved ones. Do you have to say something to somebody? Let your heart speak and take the opportunity to finally express what you feel.


Thomas Sabo has brought the collective fever back to life and raised it to a new dimension. Since 2006 he has been inspiring people of all ages with no fewer than 500 different charms. The Charm Club also includes charm straps, bracelets, necklaces and watches and convinces in every way. As a gift for a loved person or as a keepsake for yourself, nothing could be better symbolize great moments than a charm could do. Every little charm tells its story and is part of a long-standing success of beautiful charm motives. Fancy pieces in sterling silver, gilded in tricolor with 18-carat yellow gold or rose gold, zirconia, enamel, restrained or sparkling, multicolour, matt or glossy. For every event Thomas Sabo produces adorable masterpieces. Charms with the small lettering "Mum", flags of various countries, all kinds of animals, each charm gives great pleasure. Especially the colourful accents make the charms shiny and look bright. Moreover the small, fine details of the charms show the inexhaustible attention to these pieces of jewellery. You will definitely find the right charm for the right moment. Join the THOMAS SABO CHARM CLUB and „CHARM UP YOUR LIFE“ - Charms for everyone, for all ages, women, men and the little ones. For every style, for every occasion - the perfect accessory.


Filigree and high quality silver jewellery - With the new LITTLE SECRETS COLLECTION by Thomas Sabo you can symbolically express your wishes to the world. The popular motives such as the anchor, the tree of life, the feather, the infinity sign and other spiritually-inspired symbols are not only exceptionally chic but also come with very special meanings and statements. In addition, the collection combines sophisticated fashion jewellery accessories with individual messages. You can choose from coins, hearts and webs, which can be individualized with a free engraving. All motives of the hand-knotted Thomas Sabo Little Secrets bracelets are made of precious 925 sterling silver and partly finished with 750 rose or yellow gold.
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